Saturday, January 17, 2015

Magical Girl Apocalypse

This is a review for Magical Girl Apocalypse by Kentaro Sato.
I gave this book ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4 stars, I liked it a lot.

"Not your mommy's magical girls!"

Synopsis:  Kii Kogami is your average high school boy.  His life is pretty boring, not much exciting happens to him.  He is a bit of a coward and more than a bit girl crazy, his grades aren't great and he doesn't study very much.  Kii's average boring life is about to change.

I am not generally a fan of magical girl anime or manga.  Prepubescent girls in ridiculous clothes with pink sparkly magic wands and magical make up and clothing transformations don't really interest me.

Seven Seas Entertainment doesn't usually publish typical magical girl manga so I knew this would be different.  The creepy magical girl with enormous dead looking eyes on the cover also clued me in to the fact that this was definitely NOT typical magical girl manga.

This manga is equal parts hilarious, disgusting and ridiculous, and it is a winning combination.  It has all the blood, gore and violence of a zombie story while also being funny and all of the dead eyed magical girls running around causing mayhem just add to this manga's charm.  I read this late at night and I was giggling into a pillow like a loon while I tried to avoid waking everyone in the house up with my laughter.

If you like an irreverent story or a zombie apocalypse you should check this one out!  There is a lot of gore though so this definitely isn't for those prone to fainting or with weak stomachs!  If you are looking for the next "Sailor Moon" keep looking but if you liked "Love in Hell" you will probably like "Magical Girl Apocalypse"!

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