Sunday, March 29, 2015

Servamp vol 1

This is a review for Servamp volume 1 by Strike Tanaka.
I gave this book ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 stars, I loved it.

A vampire cat serves only one master.
The tagline caught my interest immediately, vampire cats?  Yes, please!  So I bought it, brought it home and opened it up to read it.  The doodle under the front cover made me giggle, always a good sign!

Shirota Mahiru is a fifteen year old boy who likes simple things.  He is serious and helpful.  His class always knows that he can and will help them.  He mostly lives alone so he knows how to cook, clean and sew.  One day he sees a stray cat laying on the sidewalk whimpering pitifully.  Mahiru picks the kitty up and takes it home.  And that little action changes his life forever.  That little cat is actually a servamp, a servant vampire.  Picking that cat up started Mahiru down a path to the supernatural and he'll be lucky to survive. 

Mahiru's helpful nature draws him into several battles.  He can't just walk away when he sees other vampires attacking humans.  Mahiru learns that there are seven other servamps out there.  Each one represents one of the seven deadly sins plus one extra that the others must stop before he destroys the world.  Being the seven deadly sins though, they aren't really that great at working as a team or even being in the same room together.

This manga is a great mix of humor and seriousness.  The seven deadly sins as vampires is a pretty funny thought to me.  'Vampire cat' is also a humorous idea.  Mahiru is a very serious and studious boy and he is a great balance for the humor elements.  The final couple of pages had quite the plot twist and definitely left me wanting more!

If you are a fan of Blue Exorcist, Blood Lad or Soul Eater you will probably enjoy this one!

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